What is an IP address?

The IP address of a computer is somehow a phone number or identification assigned to each computer connected to the Internet. The term comes from "Internet Protocol" which means the Internet Protocol. There IP addresses that are temporarily assigned and other more sustainable way a computer. You should know that when one finds its IP address, it may not be valid after a certain time.

How does an IP address

IP address is assigned by the network administrator or by DHCP to the computer itself. This address consists of four or six groups of numbers between 0 and 255, with each group separated from the other by one point. An address four groups of numbers is a version 4 IP address where an address has 6 sets of numbers is an IPv6 address.

What is an ISP?

The internet service providers (ISPs) are operators that can connect to the Internet. Their customers can just as well be companies and individuals. There are several ISPs, and this diversity is a wide range of offers, services and prices offered to customers.

List of Internet Service Providers

The internet is most often purchased ADSL, ie the access to high speed internet, which offers its users 5M (sic!) 100M. Most Internet service providers offer a range of services off the internet, such as telephone packages. To find the opportunity that fits the best meets their needs, we can make a comparison of different solutions.