How does a website?

Every computer connected to the Internet is through a browser. This software is the client from the server to which it connects, the latter being a remote computer that hosts websites. Therefore, entering an Internet address is processed by the server that connects the browser to the site in question.

What is a website?

A website is a collection of web pages linked together through hyperlinks, ie interactive links. A site web has an internet address, also called URL. Today there are nearly 600 million, but not all are active. Websites are either used by companies, for example to present their services, either by individuals for personal purposes. They include static and / or dynamic pages, depending on the degree of continuity of content.

Where is stored a website ?

A data center or data processing center in French, is a physical location where the data are combined company. company data, it should be understood by the data elements of the enterprise. The site can be found in the premises of the company to whom the data belong, or on the premises of another company, who can then take care of processing the data.

What looks like a data center ?

A datacenter is always composed of a battery computer systems, including computers, servers and routers. In most cases, there is also such a site emergency power to remedy any failure, control over the environment, among other things, to prevent overheating of the equipment, but also a security structure, with guards constantly present.