The IP address : localhost was noted by Wikimix on 2021-10-28.
Secure IP address
This IP is only local, it is not accessible from outside the network
Rating: 5 is a local IP address.

This means that the IP address is not accessible from the Internet, it is local and only accessible within the network. Everyone has the same local address (localhost).

Each device (laptop, printer, scanner, phone, surveillance camera, tablet, ...) has a unique local IP address assigned by the adsl box that allows the box to identify the different devices to within a local network and send the right product at the right flow.

Specifically, the adsl box has a public IP address in your case, which connects to the Internet and the box assigns a local address to all devices to identify them.

IP address
IP long

The IP address detail

The IP address (IPv4 localhost) belonging to the network is written in long version 2130706442.

Color obtained mathematically from the IP address: Dark red